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Though we dance on the earth, we sail amongst the stars unhindered by the follies of our everyday lives. Release yourself.
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………..Kim K game getting a lil too real….. 

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Supernatural Gag Reel Season 9 

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I hate when people say “You don’t need him,” because they are right I don’t need him, but I want him more than anything and that is infinitely worst.
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I almost forgot! I also bought this necklace and this tote.


it’s cute that they sell family sized oreo boxes thinking that people are gonna share them with their family

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The Pool of Tears.

 The sign outside this tent is accompanied by a small box full of smooth black stones. The text instructs you to take one with you as you enter.

 Inside, the tent is dark, the ceiling covered with open black umbrellas, the curving handles hanging down like icicles. 

 The center of the room there is a pool. A pond enclosed within a black stone wall that is surrounded by white gravel. 

 The air carries the salty tinge of the ocean.

 You walk over to the edge to look inside. The gravel crunches beneath your feet. 

 It is shallow, but it is glowing. A shimmering, shifting light cascades up through the surface of the water. A soft radiance, enough to illuminate the pool and the stones that sit at the bottom. Hundreds of stones, each identical to the one you hold in your hand. The light beneath filters through the spaces between the stones. 

 Reflections ripple around the room, making it appear as though the entire tent is underwater.

 You sit on the wall, turning your back stone over and over in your fingers.

 The stillness of the tent becomes a quiet melancholy. 

 Memories begin to creep forward from hidden corners of your mind. Passing disappointments. Lost chances and lost causes. Heartbreaks and pain and desolate, horrible loneliness. 

 Sorrows you thought long forgotten mingle with still-fresh wounds. 

 The stone feels heavier in your hand.

 When you drop it in the pool to join the rest of the stones, you feel lighter. As though you have released something more than a smooth polished piece of rock.